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Maximizing profit and purpose through impact innovation


Founded in 2015, TechForGood provides bespoke impact innovation services to corporates, governments, and entrepreneurs in their journey to capture opportunities for generating profitable social and environmental impact. 

Our Services

Open Innovation

We provide open innovation services to help corporations generate social and environmental impact as part of their core business. Our services include identifying opportunities for impact, developing and implementing strategies to drive positive change, and measuring and communicating the impact of these efforts. We leverage our resources and expertise to help our corporate partners positively impact society and the environment while also achieving their business goals. 

Startup Programs

Our Impact Startup Programs are based on collaborations with governments or multinational corporations. They are designed to help founders build successful and impact startups. Our programs leverage our practical experience, as well as our proprietary methodology, to accelerate the development of international impact-driven startups.

Through targeted mentorship, involvement of our partners, and customized training and development, Tech for Good helps impact startups grow and scale their impact.

Impact Innovation Advocacy

We engage in a wide range of impact innovation advocacy activities like our Israel Impact Summit, which attracts over 1,500 impact leaders worldwide. We host international leadership forums and conduct workshops. These activities allow us to share our knowledge and expertise while also learning from others in the field. TechForGood's participation in these events helps to raise awareness about the potential for technology to be used as a force for good and inspires others to take action and make a difference in the world.

Clients and Partners

Throughout the years, we worked with leading international organizations to implement their impact innovation strategy. using tech solutions, leveraging their expertise in technology and social impact to create meaningful change and drive positive impact around the world.

Samples of
Our Work

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