Impact Innovation

TechForGood serves as a bridge between the growing demand for innovative solutions for the world’s social and environmental challenges, and the technological innovations that can address them. We lead cross-sector collaborations around specific issues - starting from identifying the needs, and only then moving to cultivation of the solutions. We rely on a vast network of experts and partners to help us identify the right path for development, implementation and scaling of solutions, delivering a win for global impact and business growth. 



Frame the opportunity
Engage influential champions
Structure alliance of organizations

Identify organization level & industry challenges
Align alliance agenda
Prioritize issues to be addressed

Launch alliance activity
Expose issues in focus
Create a dialogue between stakeholders

Select and interact with selected technologies
Influence development of market-fit solutions
Pilot impact generating technologies

Commercialize and scale proven solutions
Invest in core-business aligned startups
Adapt solutions to additional regions & needs

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