Impact Innovation

TechForGood serves as a bridge between the growing demand for innovative solutions for the world’s social and environmental challenges, and the technological innovations that can address them. We lead cross-sector collaborations around specific issues - starting from identifying the needs, and only then moving to cultivation of the solutions. We rely on a vast network of experts and partners to help us identify the right path for development, implementation and scaling of solutions, delivering a win for global impact and business growth. 



Our approach brings together relevant players under alliances between key stakeholders. Together we identify and prioritise needs and then structure the fitting platform through which to match and support the development of innovative solutions.  


At our core, we focus on implementation - from startup pilots to embedding solutions into larger systems and supporting their scaling into new markets.

A key element in our alliance work is to create a conversation between different stakeholders, which is crucial to ensure successful and implementable innovation and impact. 


Each alliance, whether it be addressing challenges in aging, food waste, or climate has its own tailored elements, but all share our unique methodology which includes the following 5 steps:

Frame the opportunity
Engage influential champions
Structure alliance of organizations

Identify organization level & industry challenges
Align alliance agenda
Prioritize issues to be addressed

Launch alliance activity
Expose issues in focus
Create a dialogue between stakeholders

Select and interact with selected technologies
Influence development of market-fit solutions
Pilot impact generating technologies

Commercialize and scale proven solutions
Invest in core-business aligned startups
Adapt solutions to additional regions & needs

Portfolio examples 

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