TechForGood International

Leveraging TechForGood's knowhow to empower international impact startups 

Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is internationally renowned. Delivering some of the world’s greatest companies and technological innovations, the country has earned itself the title of Startup Nation. 

Today, as global challenges become increasingly complex, the demand for social and environmental innovation grows. The focus of many entrepreneurs and capital providers has shifted to these new market opportunities.

With over 5 years of experience in incubating leading impact startups, TechForGood International is an opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to learn our best practices.


We invite governments and organizations to partner with us to offer their entrepreneurs, innovators and ecosystem leaders the opportunity to gain a deep familiarity with the Israeli ecosystem, its best practices and knowhow along with key impact methodologies. 


TechForGood’s startup programs offer entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world the opportunity to learn from top Israeli experts, engage with seasoned founders, better prepare themselves for investors, gain entrepreneurial tools and develop their companies to be impactful and profitable.

What We Offer

Workshops & Trainings


We host many delegations and groups who wish to further understand the Israeli impact ecosystem, to understand its “secret sauce”, and to dive into some of its practices which can be adopted and implemented back home.

Startup Programs in Israel


Our programs enable entrepreneurs & ecosystem leaders to familiarize themselves with Israeli best practices, form meaningful business relationships, and become better prepared for international investors and markets.

TechForGood in Your Country

Partner with us to establish a TechForGood branch in your country and drive forward an impact innovation and investment ecosystem. You will become part of the global TechForGood network and receive, among other things:

  • Workshops are tailor-made to specific needs of each group

  • Can be delivered online or in our offices

  • Range from 2 hours intro session to 3-days deep dive

  • Focus on various topics around impact, innovation business & entrepreneurial practices.

  • Startup programs range from 1-8 weeks, 

  • Include group sessions and personalized mentoring

  • Tailored to stage, sector and challenges of participants

  • Deliver tangible results for startups and partner organization

  • Get a franchise to establish a TechForGood branch, as part of our global brand,

  • Our ongoing support, online and in the field,

  • Sessions to brainstorm together and adapt our processes to your needs and culture,

  • TechForGood guidebook with our methodology, programs, and practices,

  • Enjoy our international expert & investor network.

Testimonials from TechForGood Korea program 2019

Who Is It For

The global demand for innovative impact solutions is soaring. TechForGood international services are tailor made to the needs of each one of our customers and is designed to meet the different needs of various ecosystem players.

We are looking to partner with you, whether you are a governmental organization, an accelerator that is looking to develop a local ecosystem for impact generating startups, ab NGO or an academic institution.

If you are a corporation or an investor that is looking to integrate impact innovation strategy into your core activity - we will be happy to structure the right program for you.


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Case Study - Korea

We have partnered with KISED, the Korean Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development. Selected Korean startups spend 6-8 weeks in Israel on a tailor made acceleration program. They work from our offices in Tel Aviv, alongside Israeli impact investors and impact entrepreneurs, and enjoy a variety of 'Startup Nation' tools and best practices that enable them to scale their ventures globally and improve their investment readiness.  


Key highlights are of the program are:

Networking opportunities

We host multiple networking events resulting in collaborations between Korean and Israeli startups

Innovation Visa by the IIA

TechForGood is a selected launchpad for Innovation Visa by the Israeli Innovation Authority

Investment readiness

Startups go through extensive training that improves their fundraising capabilities

Tours and excursions

Startups get to meet and interact with Israeli investors, unicorns, academic leaders and other players 



We work with each startup to build their own impact model and embed it into their business model

Top notch Israeli tech and investment leaders provide Korean entrepreneurs with tools & best practices to grow their business.