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Welcome to the TechForGood Italy program site 


Here you will a variety of useful information and tools to support you during the program

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About us

TechForGood was established because we believe that the largest and most fascinating opportunity of the next decades is to identify the best ways to utilise humanity’s abilities for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and technological development, in addressing our biggest challenges.


This is an opportunity for each, on the personal level, to make a positive impact in the world, but also to lead an incredibly satisfying and financially successful career.


It is also an opportunity for organizations and governments to define new models for ensuring sustainability and prosperity by building products, platforms and businesses that lean on positive impact as a driver for their growth and scale. We see our role as enablers for all relevant players and stakeholders to collaborate generate massive impact for us all. 

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Nir Shimony, Founder & CEO

Einav Tsabari, Program Manager

Some of our partners


Participating startups

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Useful ecosystem links


Find your Israeli partner

Finder is an easy to use, up-to-date, free online platform for discovering and connecting with the thousands of relevant Israeli startups, investors, corporates and others. We recommend you search this extensive database for potential partners and business meetings.

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