As life expectancies grow longer, more and more people wish to age in the comfort of their own home.  As such, caregiving for the elderly is one of the fastest growing occupations in the world. Accordingly, global demand for innovative products designed to better support these caregiving services is soaring. This presents a huge opportunity for startups who address issues related to aging in place, to scale their businesses and impact people's lives around the world.
In recent months, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is changing lives around the globe, and is expected to have a long lasting effect on the elderly, especially their caregiving services. Social distancing is changing traditional caregiving for the elderly and this is exactly where technology can make a significant and important contribution and difference in people's lives.  
This call for applications is in cooperation with JDC, the global Jewish humanitarian organizaiton, which provides life-saving aid to more than 80,000 poor Jewish elderly through a network of sixty-plus Hesed social welfare centers across eleven countries in the former Soviet Union . 

What Are We Looking For

We are looking to pilot, implement and scale innovative tech solutions, from all over the worlds,  that improve the quality of life of the aging population and the level of caregiving services. 

Cognitive Decline Support

Call for applications (deadline - 6/5/2021)

Cognitive decline has a major effect on the quality of life and independence of older adults. JDC-FSU is looking to enable its clients to assess, train and exercise their cognitive capabilities.

What are we looking for

  • Digital application which can be used via smartphones.

  • Appropriate for cognitive decline prevention as well as maintenance and memory preservation for those already experiencing decline.

  • Available for personal trainings.

  • Enable professionals to track, monitor and personalize trainings.

  • Simple to use, interactive, & friendly user experience, taking into consideration low digital literacy of users.

  • Advantage: option for offline sessions

  • Advantage: Russian language exists in system


What do we offer

  • Fully funded pilot in selected FSU countries

  • Access to knowhow, infrastructure & facilities of our partner organizations

  • Personal mentoring and guidance by TechForGood team and network of domain experts

  • Impact model structure and access to impact investors

  • Personal mentoring

  • International network of investors, professionals and market connectors

  • Working space at the 2B-HUB

  • Media exposure opportunities

  • Business support

About us


JDC is the leading global Jewish humanitarian organization, working in nearly 70 countries to lift lives and strengthen communities. We rescue Jews in danger, provide aid to vulnerable Jews, develop innovative solutions to Israel’s most complex social challenges, cultivate a Jewish future, and lead the Jewish community’s response to crises. For over 100 years, our work has put the timeless Jewish value of mutual responsibility into action, making JDC essential to the survival of millions of people and the advancement of Jewish life across the globe. For more information, visit www.JDC.org.


TechForGood is an international organization that facilitates the use of innovative technologies to scale and expand positive impact. Since its formation in 2015, TechForGood has led cross-sector alliances around the SDGs with partners committed to the business opportunities in addressing social problems. 

TechForGood’s methodology includes partnering with leading multinational corporations, governments and NGOs to address the SDGs through technological innovation. TechForGood maps and incubates the most promising start-ups, selecting to support those who use innovative technology to solve social and environmental issues alongside the potential for high financial revenue. TechForGood’s incubation programs have led 35 start-ups to raise more than $100 million with valuations of over $400 million, all while using TechForGood’s methodology to integrate, scale and measure their impact. 



  • Working product

  • Advantage: companies already working or interested in penetrating Eastern Europe or Russian speaking markets.